What We Can Learn From an International Gun Dealer

12-Step Instructions for Selling Firearms Internationally from Your Gun  Store

There are things people can learn from international dealers. If you are one of those people who think of arms dealing as secret deals, high-stakes negotiations with warlords, and exotic locales, then there is a good chance that you feel about arms dealers as someone like Nicolas Cage in the acclaimed movie Lord of War. 

It turns out that a lot of firearms deals has nothing to do with darkroom and a lot to do with navigating the complicated puzzle of legal regulations, international relations, as well as coordination of different government agencies. 

For instance, Americans need first to get an FFL or a Federal-Firearm License, learn about laws and export control laws to comply with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, the State, as well as Commerce Department regulations and rules. 

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They then obtain the necessary export permits or licenses before figuring out how to get guns outside the United States. Most United States Embassies has an ODC or an Office of Defense Cooperation Chief on the government’s side. This government position is in charge of contacting foreign nationals and handling every aspect of legal firearms negotiations between different nations.

Selling loaded weapons

The most common belief in gun sales is never to sell loaded guns. But in reality, this kind of thinking is very wrong – unless sellers are doing it illegally. No matter what type of product people is selling, they need to make sure it encloses everything possible to make sure that the buyer can effectively use their newly-bought product for its intended purpose. 

There is nothing more annoying than purchasing a remote-controlled toy car and finding out that it does not come with the necessary battery to run it. Nothing is more infuriating than purchasing software and having no tutorials to teach buyers how to use it properly. 

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There is nothing more detrimental to a country’s international relations than purchasing multimillion-dollar firearms or weapon systems only to find out that the ones they bought need spare parts, guides, and training actually to use them. As a good salesperson, you will run across customers who will only request the essential or the bare minimum to buy a system citing savings and costs. 

But if and when your products break or there is a shortage in supply, clients will look at the system and blame you for the system’s ineptitude. Sellers should think through their delivery metrics. Are they giving buyers what they need, or will their products be seen as a total failure? In brief, sellers should provide as much information and support as possible to give a capability, and not just give the product with no after-sales care.

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Speak their language – Focus on Benefits and not specs

Specs work well when people are talking to engineers. But it is useless when they are talking to corporations and world leaders. Instead of stating that the firearm can shoot a certain amount of ammo at a certain distance, they can tell buyers that the gun is very effective in both close and long-range. People don’t usually care about the specifications of guns. What they care about is if it works effectively. That is what people need to see when buying a firearm.

Responsibility versus purchasing authority

In most cases, the individual with who the gun dealer meets to discuss weapon sales has the authority to make decisions but delegates all the responsibility to individuals they trust. That is why do not make the mistake of thinking the most vital individual in the room for the deal is the highest-ranking individual authorized to make the deal. 

Before conducting business meetings, sellers need to make sure they know who will be there, as well as ensuring they understand their roles and responsibilities when it comes to the purchasing process. That may be pretty obvious, but people learned that most of the time, it is not the person with the highest rank people need to convince or sway. 

It is usually the individual whose reputation and knowledge have gained the officer’s trust with the highest rank. This person is the most prepared and the most eager to ask tons of questions about the product. Knowing who this person is, as well as their relationship in the purchasing process, can help sellers find real success in the firearms deal industry.

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