RacecarA word that reads the same forwards or backwards is a palindrome. Examples of simple palindromes are the phrases mother, dad and wow. The longest palindromic phrase in the English dictionary is tattarrattat.” This phrase, which means a knock on a door (You can nearly hear it when saying the phrase), was created by James Joyce in his e-book Ulysses.

The trick is to do that at stomach-churning velocities. It’s additionally vital to be tidy. Slipping the tires round in a plume-of-smoke way may appear cool, but it cancels speed. The key to laying down a fast lap is to search out the quickest line across the monitor — the racing line,” often etched within the black rubber laid down because the tires warmth up — and to keep away from deviating from it. Which is not to say that you just drive in a very fussy way. I took … Read more

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