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Billiards is a sport that is included in the category of concentration sports

so it really needs endurance and correct mental understanding and must be supported by excellent physical abilities to be able to perform higher and stable.

This sport is played on a table and with special aids and regulations

This game is divided into several types, including Carom, English Billiard and Pool types. Can be played individually or in teams.

For example, Carom types are played on tables that have no holes at all. This is different from the type of English Billiard and Pool which is played on a table that has 6 holes. Although both have 6 holes, the size or area of ​​the table between English Billiar and Pool is also different, the wider the type of English Billiard table.

Until now, in 2008, what really developed in Indonesia was the Pool type, which was still divided into Ball number 15, ball 8 and ball 9. Previously in Indonesia, billiards were identical to sports that were always played by men. But now many women are starting to enjoy billiards. Is Mr. Putera Astaman, former Chairman of PB. POBSI, which succeeded in raising the Billiard Sports Image, in Indonesia from Just Sports Recreation to Sports Achievement.

Billiards, a type of Pool has developed into one sport that is able to bring the name of the Indonesian people to life. For example, in the World Pool Championship (pool championship type pool for ball number 9) in 2006 yesterday, players like Ricky Yang, M. Zulfikri made it into the ranks of the world’s 32 major players. Roy Apancho made it into the ranks of the world’s 64 major players. Apsi Chaniago made it into the ranks of the world’s 128 major players.

At the SEA Games XXIV sports event, 2007, there was a surprise achievement improvement in the pool type of Billiards, with the gold medal number 8 won, Individual Female and Silver medal number 9, Individual Woman by an individual Young age athletes namely Angeline Magdalena Ticoalu and Gold Medal ball number 9, Individual Men by Ricky Yang.

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